Walter Camp Leadership Spotlight: Mike Madera
Proudest Moment: “ Becoming just the 29th President of this prestigious Foundation. Seeing the company I am in with all the Presidents who have come before me, and realizing all they have done to put this Foundation in the place it is today. I can look back over the last two decades and know I had a part in that. “

Since 1997, Mike Madera has held many leadership positions within the Foundation and served on a variety of committees and is our current President. Mike has served as a Board of Governor, Secretary, Vice President and President-Elect of the Foundation and provided leadership and oversight on the following committees: All-American Experience, Alumni Brunch, Golf Auction, High Schools, Hospitality, Host, Memorabilia, Membership, Public Relations, Selection, Stay in School Rally and Thursday Night Auction. Though the years, Mike worked hard on these committees: Basketball, Fan Fest, Golf, High Schools, Hospitality, Major Awards, Membership, Memorabilia, Merchandise, Nominating, Saturday Dinner Photo Session, Special Olympics, Stay in School Rally and the Thursday Welcome Dinner. As you can see, the Foundation all-volunteer members serve on a lot of committees to make our Weekend a success.

One of Mike’s favorite moments is getting introduced and walking into the Yale Commons in front of  1,000 people to begin the Saturday night Awards Dinner at such a historic place. Mike says “It is such a feeling of accomplishment knowing what we were able to put together as a group. That feeling never gets old. That feeling of accomplishment goes hand in hand with another favorite moment which is anytime we can put a smile on the faces of children, whether it is the Stay In School rally, hospital visits, or All-American Experience.”

Mike lives in West Haven with his wife Gina and two kids, Michael and Briana.