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Sponsorship / Overview

The Walter Camp Football Foundation (WCFF) seeks to perpetuate and expand the rich football tradition of Mr. Walter Camp, “The Father of American Football”, and the many charitable works of the Foundation. To assist the WCFF in attaining this goal, it seeks to secure corporate partners compatible with the ideals of the Foundation to underwrite the cost of the continued operation and expansion of the Foundation. The WCFF offers annexation and affiliation with its rich tradition and excellence to your company. As a Marketing Partner, your company would be featured in appropriate programs and media interfaces. In addition to serving as a marketing channel, the activities offer a prime source of involvement and entertainment for your personnel and guests.

The Foundation is intent upon taking strides toward increasing its recognition across the nation. WCFF’s key product is characterized by rich tradition and excellence. It is attractive to and recognizable by a broad cross section of individuals throughout American society; from youths through college age and features a strong following from young adults through senior citizens.

The Mission of WCFF is officially stated as:

Preserve and promote the tradition of selecting a collegiate All-America Football Team as started by Walter Camp, “The Father of American Football,” in 1889. Pay tribute to individuals who contribute to the great American game of football, perpetuate his ideals and support humanitarian programs and activities.

It can be summarized as two-fold: a) ensuring the perpetuation of the oldest All-America College Football Team, b) and the donation of financial support to worthy charities and youth-oriented organizations.

The Foundation certainly appreciates quite well that a corporate partner needs flexibility to design its own marketing strategy to achieve its goals. Many opportunities valuing an association with tradition and excellence, and encompassing some facet of the oldest All American Team, are available to Your Corporation, via electronic and print media campaigns.

The Foundation recognizes that Your Corporation would develop its own marketing plan suitable for its corporate goals and consistent with the Walter Camp image. Please read through the additional information in this section to learn about the various ideas and opportunities that will enable your corporation to reach its consumers through an association with the Walter Camp Football Foundation. These represent only a sampling of the possible promotional ideas as developed by the Foundation. Please email us if you are interested in joining our sponsorship program.